Bulk Storage Systems

Storage Cabinets

High-density storage, maximum organization, and cost savings efficiency can be achieved with our generous selection of reinforced durable plastic frame storage cabinets.

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Drawer Cabinets

Designed to organize, store, and protect precision tools, hardware, and small parts. Featuring a self-storing door panel providing all-weather protection for the contents inside.

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IDS™ Cabinets

A hybrid between mobile & stationary storage, these cabinets have interlocking grooves for easy and secure stacking.

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Medical Cabinets

Features a front panel that easily drops down and provides access to the drawers inside. Lockable latch design for extra security and ABS drawers can be sterilized and are removable.

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Conductive Cabinets

Similar to the storage cabinets, but with reinforced durable conductive plastic frames.

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