The worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020 is a strong reminder that secure and durable storage products are always in need. Whether it's a solution for storing and shipping coronavirus testing kits, life-preserving medicine, survival and defensive gear, or vital supplies, Flambeau has storage products to fill a variety of needs. Take a minute to navigate through our product pages to find custom storage solutions and great value. With Flambeau, security, preparedness, and peace-of-mind are only a few clicks away. Click Here to view a video from Jason Sauey, President of Flambeau, Inc.

  • Static Dissipative Slim Line™ Box

    Manufactured with static dissipative material this box is a perfect fit for protection of computer cards, chips and circuits from harmful static electricity.

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  • Medical Proprietary Products

    Stock & Customized Stock Medical Product & Supply Solutions for EMS, Fire, First-Responders, Triage Staff, and Police

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  • Docu-Box™ Document Storage & Protection

    The perfect solution for holding and protecting manuals & documents regardless of environmental conditions or place or storage.

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