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The original Flambeau styrene box. The A-Series has a distinct stout look with very square corners and high clarity to view contents inside. In the cosmetic industry, the styrene material can withstand hot makeup being poured inside.

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Precision Series

Molded from styrene butadiene methyl methacrylate, this box features transparent clarity and impact resistance. The Precision excels in wet applications with its rustproof hinge.

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Precision Series


With a slight architectural edge radius & rounded corners, this box is crystal clear like glass and is excellent for merchandising and general display of products. Also features small stacking feet to keep displays neater.

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Just as the name implies, the Mighty-Tuff is tough! This transparent cellulose propionate material excels in industrial and institutional environments.

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Extra heavy-duty construction makes the polypropylene M-Series boxes tough and durable. These workhouse boxes feature a heavy-duty, heat-sealed hinge and overlapping lid to inhibit dust.

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With a living hinge (flex hinge) and dual positive snap lock latches these single compartment boxes are excellent for storing welding rods, wire & cable ties, even dental instruments. Boxes can be autoclaved.

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Tuff Tainer

Tuff Tainer™

The polypropylene Tuff Tainer Series features a detachable lid and movable dividers that allow you to configure your compartment space to your liking. The most popular series in the line, Tuff Tainers can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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Waterproof Tuff Tainer™

Manufactured with the same great design as the Tuff Tainer Series, but now completely waterproof with a gasket liner and three snap-shut latches.

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Waterproof Tuff Tainer


Noted for heavy-duty application, this styrene butadiene copolymer box has excellent impact properties and also maintains scratch-resistant and transparent properties.

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IDS™ Series

The Infinite Divider System Series is made of polypropylene featuring patented flexibility by allowing each divider to be moved 1/16” (0.16 cm) along the ribbed compartment.

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IDS Series


Built with the same durable construction as the popular M-Series, but are made with translucent polypropylene. Perfect for visualizing components within the box.

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