Pallet Packer

Save thousands of dollars on freight by stacking over 3,000 cases per truck load! The Pallet Packer is safe, secure, and cost effective.

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45" Pallet Packer Pallet Packer, shipping container, shipping box, pallet, 4610PP, 4610PPB,
Price: $22.30
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    The 45.0 x 9.50 x 3.0 inch (L x W x D) Pallet Packer stacks securely and squarely on a 40 x 48 inch pallet (4 cases...

    Pallet Packer Plus
    Price: $24.86
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      The Pallet Packer Plus Case (50.50 L 10.85 W x 3.50 D inches) has all the great features of the Pallet Packer except...