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Rigid Storage Solutions

Storage Boxes

Made out of clear, acid-free polypropylene, these cases are ideal for displaying product for quick reference of the contents inside featuring durable back hinges, and an integrated positive locking latch to help secure contents inside.

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Black Ribbon™

Extremely durable, water resistant cases feature a metal front cam locking mechanical latch system & external rubber bumpers for impact absorption, skid resistance, and greater durability. Made of tough, impact-resistant ABS plastic.

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Storage Bins

Mix and match our 4 sizes of bins to your liking. Our polypropylene bins are heavy-duty and can be stacked or wall-mounted with a rail. Impervious to rust, oil, and most common chemicals.

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Expandable Tubes

A contoured, blow mold constructed Expandable Tube that won’t bend or break with a hinged door to make it easy to load and unload.

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Step ‘N Store™

A cross between a tool box and step stool, the Stand ‘N Store makes a great companion for tool portability and that needed “little extra reach” on any job site.

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Shipping Mailers

Reusable shipping containers from Flambeau will help save you money and give you the durability needed to protect your cargo while in transit.

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Utility Workstation Cart

Stress tested for weight up to 300 pounds (136.08 kg), easily integrate this cart into almost any application.

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Rifle Cases

Protect your rifles from bumps and bruises while preventing unwanted trespassers into the case. The guns are blanketed with egg-shell foam, locking points for extra security, snap-shut latches, and ribbed walls for extra strength and durability.

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These document storage products are designed for holding and protecting documents and span nearly every application imaginable regardless of environmental conditions or place of storage.

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Contractor Clipboard

A Clipboard case with pockets for business cards and collateral material such as folders and DVD's, and a secure latch to hold items safe inside.

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